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We open international asset managers the doors to Europe’s dynamic investment market.

We are your premier Third Party Marketing provider in the European Union.

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At FundFinity, we open doors to Europe’s dynamic investment market for international asset managers. We specialise in Third Party Marketing (TPM), providing a seamless bridge for asset managers to introduce their investment funds and strategies to European investors without the overhead of establishing a local presence.

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With our expertise and comprehensive range of services, we support asset managers in successfully placing and marketing their investment funds across Europe.

Market and Competitor Research

Sales (Outbound, Inbound)

Infrastructure partners and network

Setting up fund structures

Business strategy

Marketing support



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We are passionate about investment management and fund distribution.


We operate our own financial media outlets to attract international investors.

Marketing & Sales

We have long-term experience in Asset Management marketing & sales.

EU Located

Our headquarters is in Germany. We know the EU fund markets and regulations.


We have the required corporate set-up and certifications to support you in the EU.


Our well-maintained and growing database comprises 18,000+ professional investors.


We have a deep understanding of investment strategies and portfolio management.


Our team has years of experience in European investment management.


Our team comprises seasoned digital marketing and sales professionals.


We connect you with professional investors, e.g. from Germany, Switzerland and Scandinavia.




We meticulously evaluate market trends and investor needs.

Strategy Definition

Together, we craft a tailored approach to tap European markets effectively.

formulating partnership

We establish synergistic partnerships that align with our mutual goals for growth and excellence.

Onboarding Partner

Our streamlined onboarding process ensures partners integrate smoothly for a quick start in Europe.

sales & servicing

We offer comprehensive sales support and exceptional service to foster strong, lasting relationships.


Regular, detailed reporting keeps you informed on progress and market insights, driving informed decision-making.



As our partner, you will gain exposure on our investment platforms.

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